Monday, November 5, 2012

For Glory!!! The Barbarians of Lemuria Board Game...

This Friday will see the first real test of my Barbarians of Lemuria Board Game: For Glory! The map above is an (extremely) rough prototype of the eventual final product for playtesting purposes (click to see a larger image).

The final map will have a different underlying terrain, as the imagery I'm using is borrowed from a tile set created by Kevin Chenevert (beautiful stuff there) as I really didn't have time to custom illustrate the whole map. It will also have a more savage feel, with the square card slots being replaced by torn parchments and animal skins, and the title and text having a more off-centered and tacked on appearance. It's a little too orderly for my tastes right now, but the final version will correct some of that. For now, the play's the thing!

I'll post up some card prototypes and an overview of the rules if I get time before Friday, but for now, comments and questions are welcome...

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