Monday, April 22, 2013

Palette Cleanser...

Sometimes, when in the middle of a lot of stuff (like building a lot of User Interfaces), I have to take a break and do something totally random just to shake up the neurons a bit. For an artist who is also a game designer, that usually means some form of game art. 

In my particular case, said art has to be ultimately useful, so I created a couple of (very) large maps with numbered hexes that can be used for your hex-based space wargame of choice. Of course, dove-tailing work and school as I am wont to do, they will also come in handy on a new summer semester grad project as well as a potential paying project for the end of the summer (which I will talk about later as it approaches completion).

Messier 78
Download Map 
Low-Res Image 

The first link under each image is 36"x24" at 300 dpi, so don't try and print these out at home. The Low-Res image is only 72 dpi for those doing Play by eMail games or other electronic whatnot.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program...

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