Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bloggin is Haaaaaaard...

I'll freely admit that I am really bad about this whole blog posting thing, but what can I say, life is busier and more chaotic than a bag of cats. C'est la vie.

I see the point of a blog as, if nothing else, a 'cloud' diary' for organizing thoughts and keeping track of ideas. I just don't like to waste time pasting half-formed thoughts or ideas, hence long periods of radio silence as I work on things.

Well, 8 months of activity have actually presented a number of interesting things to post about, a lot of it academic (but not snooze-worthy academic, I'm not that kind of guy) and some of it Jabberwocky Productions (now Media) related, but more on the business later. Let's start with an analysis on Game Design Aesthetics...

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